June 11, 2009


I made a trip to Palace of Justice(POJ) in Putrajaya for some management case. POJ had somehow changes its name "Istana Kehakiman". Wait..I thought the direct translation of POJ in Bahasa Malaysia (BM) suppose to be "Istana Keadilan"?? While im doubting my own command of BM, I suddenly enlightened with the word of "Keadilan". I nearly forgotten that our ruling government is allergic towards the word of "Keadilan" Think you are smart enough to understand what it suppose to mean.

Pardon me if I was being shallow in writing this entry but I seriously do not see any reason of the necessity of having whole rows of air conditioning and fans in a medium size cafeteria in this majestic POJ. (Do explain or correct me if you know the reason)

As from the picture, you can notice that the fan is not those ordinary fan that you place at your home. Around the area of fan, you can see double black frame, which is actually the air conditioning system. If this is not cooling enough, try to look at this:-Seems that our government has been extremely caring and understanding about the hot weather in Malaysia and this is for the good of our community. (anyhow, I din even see much homo sapiens there)

Having a luxurious palace as a court is just an indication telling people that justice requires lots of money.

June 10, 2009






表里不一的报复心态> >> >天蝎们表面看来并没有那么强烈的特质,他们往往显得文静柔弱。但是他们内心坚如磐石,他们有着强烈的自我守护及占有欲望。但是天蝎们并不是真的那么心狠手辣。他们确实会坚定不移的报复那些曾经伤害他们的人,但是更多时候,天蝎们只是在心里想想而已。他们绝对不宽容,但是他们也并不是真的有他们自己想象中的心狠手辣,即便是成功报复后,他们也往往会自己承受一段时间的痛苦煎熬,这令天蝎们反复焦灼,也更体现了天蝎座矛盾的性格。




June 4, 2009


The previous weeks, I was showered with bundles of works and given dateline for most of the tasks. This happened till last friday when I had done all that I should have done plus few that I shouldn't be doing, Im feeling so bored in the office!!~ Whenever my boss entered the office I'll ask, "Sir, you have anything for me to do?" The answer seems to be negative always.

Boredom keeps striking thus I just unintentionally repeating the same question over and over again. My boss ended up give me a reply of "Hmm..you make me feel that my business is so bad till I can't provide you with any job." -.-!! Since then, I never see him in office more than 30minutes. Haha^^ Annoying Vivio.

I realized that my boss had actually employed another boss - Vivio, into his office. My major activities now seems to be sitting in office starring at four walls, sleeping, disturbing other clerks and lately watching movie. Once a while when my boss came in the office, he'll just throw me a task that I manage to finish within 30minute and im allowed to continue with my major activities.

In the meantime, my boss was away due to official matters in Land Office, Court, JPN, LHDN and etc. He is the boss but he is the one who running around for his business; Im his staff (cause he is paying me) but I just relax in the office. That makes me think, who's actually the B-O-S-S??

June 2, 2009

Work vs Study

This is Vivio's third week of attachment. She was once complaining how bad is the life as a student but now she missed the peaceful life so much. Have to say that she cant wait for this month to end ASAP.Hehe^^

What Vivio hates most is waking up in the early morning. Then, have to put on an "its-a-brand-new-day" face while she is actually born with a yawning face and a pair of barely open eyes. This lasted till 5pm. She misses the day when she can have more sleep and attend class if only she happens to wake up on time, misses the time when you can have half day study and half day loitering and have fun with friends.

The grass always seems to be greener on the other side. When you study, you wish to work; when you work, you wish to study. When you have bundles of works and less rest, you wish to have more rest and less work; when you have less work but plenty time to rest, you wish that you are provided with more work -.-

That's how ironic life can be. The answer to this being - Moderation as the key to success. So, Vivio, treasure your this few weeks of working so that you wont complaint about quitting study and work when you are suppose to study, deal??

"Moderation is the silken string running through the pearl chain of all virtues - Joseph Hall"