December 28, 2008

If Only...

Have any one of you ever regreted a decision you made?? If only you could turn back time, do you wish that you had chosen the other route to lead your life??

Vivio does has things that she regreted. A stupid silly sohpoh indeed for recklessly planted a cooked seed that obviously doesnt grow and never will grow. Recklessly as I mentioned is because she is aware that cooked seed doesnt grow but somehow she still accidentally did that. Remedy for the above situation shall be -> Ignorance is Bliss ^.^

Leaving that aside, we shall here talk about regrets. Regret - because we thought we should have done something better than what we did, because we know we made the wrong decision, because we never know what is the outcome if we had chosen the other path. Human does make mistake and that's why we do regret.

Somehow, I do come across people who'll never regret. Allow me to quote someone whom I used to be very close with, he told me "I cant undone the things that I had done so what I'll do is only apologise. You may take it or just leave it." God, forgive him that he never know what he had done wrong because you can feel a sense of insincerity from his apology, he never regret because he thought he is right that he done his part of apologising and its my fault for not accepting it. Anyhow, not learning is his own problem at the end of the day, Vivio is not kind enough to assist a stranger in learning.

Talking about things that Vivio regretted, the situation'll be rather similar to a song named My Way by Frank Sinatra. "Regrets, I've had a few; But then again, too few to mention. I did what I had to do and saw it through without exemption" She done her possible very best in every situation perhaps she should never have any regret for the MEANTIME. (=

" We must all suffer from one of two pains: the pains of discipline or the pain of regret. The difference is discipline weighs ounces while regret weighs tons." - Jim Rohn

December 1, 2008

VioLIn KK ~ War Memorial

The war memorial was situated at Kundasang. Guess this is what makes it so different with our Cameron Highland since you wont be able to see such nice place in Cameron. The place is made up of English Garden and Australia Garden. The first 2 pictures are the English Garden and the remaining 2 are Australia Garden.Here are few pictures we took there (=

There are 2 signboards which actually rather misleading but funny. Wonder if its because the place was managed by the British or Australian and that causes them to have a real bad command of BM and it indirectly shows that only Malaysian'll do such uncivilized act since a BM signboard was stood up in English Garden and the visitors are mostly foreigners. Take a look at this ->

Obviously from the first picture, a CCTV'll be rewarded if you steal flowers and paid that RM100 of fine. Well, if you pay $800 (if convert to Ringgit -> 800 x 3.5 = RM2800) then you'll be rewarded with a TV, perhaps a plasma one. So, people, what are you waiting for?? Go grab it today while stock last!!

November 30, 2008

VioLIn KK ~ Kundasang

We made a trip up to Kundasang early morning somehow we came across a deadly accident that happen on the way there and causes 45minutes of delay. The accident was due to failure in taking over. I remember i used to keep telling people a lame joke about car taking over. There will be only 2 consequences on the taking over which is firstly, you may reach your destination 7minutes earlier or else you'll have to wait till 7days later to reach home. This lame joke was somehow not being mentioned again after a death of a friend. I find it kinda hard to accept the fact that you are telling a friend a joke and the joke turns out to be a reality on him. Just hope that everyone could drive safely (even though Im one of the dangerous drivers BUT Im seriously trying to drive safely already), I do not wish to lose anyone, be it if you are my family, relatives, friends, stranger or even enemy.

Well, back to the trip of Kundasang. It was sort of similar to the Cameron Highlands back in Peninsular. People there do planting - fruits, vegetable, tea n etc, the weather is cool, activities which can be done are such as visiting nursery, sightseeing, hiking (Reachable to Mount Kinabalu) and etc.

We first visited the Mesilau Nature Resort. It is a resort situated somewhere up the hill and made up by few different types of chalet. Perhaps Im not in the luck, I've missed the chance to see Mount Kinabalu due to heavy fog. Aunt Lee told me that you can see the Mount Kinabalu so near and clearly when you are there. Anyhow, Mount Kinabalu has been hiding away from me and I didn't even see it during the entire visit.

We then move to the nursery. Entrance fee was only RM2 with a complimentary rose. There are varieties of plants there, roses are in white, blood red, hot pink and orange. Same applies to hibiscus. The one Im holding is actually just Chrysanthemum. Bad posing~ Here are some pictures on the plant. Some of them look real nice but maybe not on pictures.

November 29, 2008

VioLIn KK ~ Beach!!

The beach here is awesome, awesome and awesome!!~ I visited the well-known Sutera Harbour and Shangri la Tanjung Aru Resort (STAR) and look at this pictures and Im sure that you'll be loving Sabah too!!

Try imagine yourself at the scenery there. You just sit on the chair listening to the wave and let breeze tenderly towards you. Its just so relaxing and refreshing...I used to love the Penang beach alot but it is used to..No offence to Penangitis but Penang beach is seriously nothing compare to the Sabah.

Here are some other pictures that we took around the resorts (=

Started to miss Sabah so much after posted these pictures *sobz*

VioLIn KK ~ Manukan Island

Tracy, Aunt Lee, Kelly and I went to Manukan Island on 23rd Nov. We reach the jetty there and took 9.45am boat there. It costs us RM24 per pax for the to and fro between jetty and island. It has been years since I last sitting on a boat goin to an island, the last if not mistaken was during my langkawi trip.

I was overwhelmed by Manukan Island. Its much more than what I'll be able to describe with mere words. You seriously have to go visit there on your own and you'll surely be amazed. We get into the sea after applying layers and layers of sunblock. It was so sunny, we saw a japanese girl who was badly roasted and lying on the beach continuing her sun-tanning. Wonder how long does it takes for her to look fair again if she regreted. The sea water is so damn salty. I'll salute you if you dare to swim on it with crack lips or small wounds. There are alot of fishes there that they'll be sort of like attacking you when you stand still there for a while. I guess I had a few bites from them, it makes you kinda like having a fisho spa BUT on salt water which makes you feel painful after you have your dead skin eaten and exposed to salt water.

Kelly and I cant stand much of the sun-tanning and fish-bitting, we ended up went for parasailing which costs us RM80 per pax for 15minutes of flying in the sky. Its really fun, indeed it is the best water activities that I ever experience.

After parasailing, we went back to Manukan Island and took some of this silly pictures while waiting to go back the Jesselton Jetty. haha..

Im loving Sabah so so so much. The sea and sky is really awesome. Uncle Lee told me this is still not the best Island in Sabah. The best island'll be gather around the Sandakan and Semporna area. Sipadan, Im looking forward to visiting you!!~

November 28, 2008

VioLIn KK ~ Wildlife Park

I remember I used to get some friends of mine to accompany me to Zoo Negara and the reply I get was :"Sweetie..How old are you?? Still wanna go zoo?" Yea, I have no freaking idea at all why I love the Zoo smell and go there to be seen by other animal either but I just love going to zoo despite of the ages. Somehow, Im pretty sure that zoo is not just meant for kids or else the admission fees would only applies to kids. Another reason being -> you might even not knowing the name of those animals or can't differentiate them at all SO I shall suggest you to pay a visit to zoo when you are free rather than your kids come up to you and asked you about the animal's name and your reply is pathetically "hmm...ahh...ohh.."

Here are some pictures of the wildlife there that we captured. Try to figure out the names of these animals or else you should be really making a trip to zoo real soon.

Here are some guides from Vivio if you are visiting the zoo or wildlife park:-
1) Wear shorts if you scare of heat.
2) Apply mosquitoes repellent or at least a thick layer of lotion if you scare of insect bites unless you wish to do charity by donating blood to insects.
3) Wear a hat/cap if you scare of tanned face.
4) Bring camera along if you willing to take the initiative to take their picture down and label them and show them to your child, grandchild or whosoever.
5) Bring your own bottle of water if possible.

Nevertheless, there'll be animal show for almost all zoo or wildlife park so check the time with the ticketing counter. The show presented in Lok Kawi Wildlife Park was from Marshall - the Orang Utan and few of its friends who made up from parrots and baby python. You can realize from the show that animals are actually quite smart, sometimes even smarter than some human being.

We should really preserve nature for future generations. Sometimes its really sad to hear about animals dying due to deforestration or people hunting them for food. Homo Sapiens, aren't you smarter?? Why don't you protect the weak rather than going against the weak for profits?? Sad to say..human are just selfish.


After sitting for that miserable Islamic banking & Takaful (islamic insurance) paper which has nothing to do with Takaful at all, here I depart to Kota Kinabalu. YES!~ Im on Holiday!! Well, I should actually be sitting for Intellectual Property paper at 2pm on 19th but brilliant Chloe and I had 'Tarik Diri' from the subject hence we escaped from the useless PBL and the exam. haha~ SO this is how we look like in the airport..trying to 'sai meng'. *giggles*

We took 5.10pm flight but damn those kiasu homo sapiens made us start lining up at the platform at 4.20pm and yet the flight was delayed due to heavy rain. Why cant everyone just take it easy and only start lining up 15minutes prior to the boarding time?? *sigh*

Im making this trip to KK with my dear lesbo partner - Kelly while Chloe will be going over to her cousin, Cheryl's place. Three of us slept so soundly once we board the plane especially Chloe. haha..

We reach KK around 8pm and here starts leaving my footprints at Kota Kinabalu. Its just a Kota Kinabalu trip due to the fact that Sabah is so big and Im yet to travel to Sandakan, Tawau, Sipadan n etc of places. Hereby, wanna give a special thanks to Kelly, Uncle Lee and Aunt Lee for the comfy accommodation, sumptuous food and everything. Sorry to have trouble you people.