December 28, 2008

If Only...

Have any one of you ever regreted a decision you made?? If only you could turn back time, do you wish that you had chosen the other route to lead your life??

Vivio does has things that she regreted. A stupid silly sohpoh indeed for recklessly planted a cooked seed that obviously doesnt grow and never will grow. Recklessly as I mentioned is because she is aware that cooked seed doesnt grow but somehow she still accidentally did that. Remedy for the above situation shall be -> Ignorance is Bliss ^.^

Leaving that aside, we shall here talk about regrets. Regret - because we thought we should have done something better than what we did, because we know we made the wrong decision, because we never know what is the outcome if we had chosen the other path. Human does make mistake and that's why we do regret.

Somehow, I do come across people who'll never regret. Allow me to quote someone whom I used to be very close with, he told me "I cant undone the things that I had done so what I'll do is only apologise. You may take it or just leave it." God, forgive him that he never know what he had done wrong because you can feel a sense of insincerity from his apology, he never regret because he thought he is right that he done his part of apologising and its my fault for not accepting it. Anyhow, not learning is his own problem at the end of the day, Vivio is not kind enough to assist a stranger in learning.

Talking about things that Vivio regretted, the situation'll be rather similar to a song named My Way by Frank Sinatra. "Regrets, I've had a few; But then again, too few to mention. I did what I had to do and saw it through without exemption" She done her possible very best in every situation perhaps she should never have any regret for the MEANTIME. (=

" We must all suffer from one of two pains: the pains of discipline or the pain of regret. The difference is discipline weighs ounces while regret weighs tons." - Jim Rohn

December 1, 2008

VioLIn KK ~ War Memorial

The war memorial was situated at Kundasang. Guess this is what makes it so different with our Cameron Highland since you wont be able to see such nice place in Cameron. The place is made up of English Garden and Australia Garden. The first 2 pictures are the English Garden and the remaining 2 are Australia Garden.Here are few pictures we took there (=

There are 2 signboards which actually rather misleading but funny. Wonder if its because the place was managed by the British or Australian and that causes them to have a real bad command of BM and it indirectly shows that only Malaysian'll do such uncivilized act since a BM signboard was stood up in English Garden and the visitors are mostly foreigners. Take a look at this ->

Obviously from the first picture, a CCTV'll be rewarded if you steal flowers and paid that RM100 of fine. Well, if you pay $800 (if convert to Ringgit -> 800 x 3.5 = RM2800) then you'll be rewarded with a TV, perhaps a plasma one. So, people, what are you waiting for?? Go grab it today while stock last!!