November 30, 2008

VioLIn KK ~ Kundasang

We made a trip up to Kundasang early morning somehow we came across a deadly accident that happen on the way there and causes 45minutes of delay. The accident was due to failure in taking over. I remember i used to keep telling people a lame joke about car taking over. There will be only 2 consequences on the taking over which is firstly, you may reach your destination 7minutes earlier or else you'll have to wait till 7days later to reach home. This lame joke was somehow not being mentioned again after a death of a friend. I find it kinda hard to accept the fact that you are telling a friend a joke and the joke turns out to be a reality on him. Just hope that everyone could drive safely (even though Im one of the dangerous drivers BUT Im seriously trying to drive safely already), I do not wish to lose anyone, be it if you are my family, relatives, friends, stranger or even enemy.

Well, back to the trip of Kundasang. It was sort of similar to the Cameron Highlands back in Peninsular. People there do planting - fruits, vegetable, tea n etc, the weather is cool, activities which can be done are such as visiting nursery, sightseeing, hiking (Reachable to Mount Kinabalu) and etc.

We first visited the Mesilau Nature Resort. It is a resort situated somewhere up the hill and made up by few different types of chalet. Perhaps Im not in the luck, I've missed the chance to see Mount Kinabalu due to heavy fog. Aunt Lee told me that you can see the Mount Kinabalu so near and clearly when you are there. Anyhow, Mount Kinabalu has been hiding away from me and I didn't even see it during the entire visit.

We then move to the nursery. Entrance fee was only RM2 with a complimentary rose. There are varieties of plants there, roses are in white, blood red, hot pink and orange. Same applies to hibiscus. The one Im holding is actually just Chrysanthemum. Bad posing~ Here are some pictures on the plant. Some of them look real nice but maybe not on pictures.

November 29, 2008

VioLIn KK ~ Beach!!

The beach here is awesome, awesome and awesome!!~ I visited the well-known Sutera Harbour and Shangri la Tanjung Aru Resort (STAR) and look at this pictures and Im sure that you'll be loving Sabah too!!

Try imagine yourself at the scenery there. You just sit on the chair listening to the wave and let breeze tenderly towards you. Its just so relaxing and refreshing...I used to love the Penang beach alot but it is used to..No offence to Penangitis but Penang beach is seriously nothing compare to the Sabah.

Here are some other pictures that we took around the resorts (=

Started to miss Sabah so much after posted these pictures *sobz*

VioLIn KK ~ Manukan Island

Tracy, Aunt Lee, Kelly and I went to Manukan Island on 23rd Nov. We reach the jetty there and took 9.45am boat there. It costs us RM24 per pax for the to and fro between jetty and island. It has been years since I last sitting on a boat goin to an island, the last if not mistaken was during my langkawi trip.

I was overwhelmed by Manukan Island. Its much more than what I'll be able to describe with mere words. You seriously have to go visit there on your own and you'll surely be amazed. We get into the sea after applying layers and layers of sunblock. It was so sunny, we saw a japanese girl who was badly roasted and lying on the beach continuing her sun-tanning. Wonder how long does it takes for her to look fair again if she regreted. The sea water is so damn salty. I'll salute you if you dare to swim on it with crack lips or small wounds. There are alot of fishes there that they'll be sort of like attacking you when you stand still there for a while. I guess I had a few bites from them, it makes you kinda like having a fisho spa BUT on salt water which makes you feel painful after you have your dead skin eaten and exposed to salt water.

Kelly and I cant stand much of the sun-tanning and fish-bitting, we ended up went for parasailing which costs us RM80 per pax for 15minutes of flying in the sky. Its really fun, indeed it is the best water activities that I ever experience.

After parasailing, we went back to Manukan Island and took some of this silly pictures while waiting to go back the Jesselton Jetty. haha..

Im loving Sabah so so so much. The sea and sky is really awesome. Uncle Lee told me this is still not the best Island in Sabah. The best island'll be gather around the Sandakan and Semporna area. Sipadan, Im looking forward to visiting you!!~

November 28, 2008

VioLIn KK ~ Wildlife Park

I remember I used to get some friends of mine to accompany me to Zoo Negara and the reply I get was :"Sweetie..How old are you?? Still wanna go zoo?" Yea, I have no freaking idea at all why I love the Zoo smell and go there to be seen by other animal either but I just love going to zoo despite of the ages. Somehow, Im pretty sure that zoo is not just meant for kids or else the admission fees would only applies to kids. Another reason being -> you might even not knowing the name of those animals or can't differentiate them at all SO I shall suggest you to pay a visit to zoo when you are free rather than your kids come up to you and asked you about the animal's name and your reply is pathetically "hmm...ahh...ohh.."

Here are some pictures of the wildlife there that we captured. Try to figure out the names of these animals or else you should be really making a trip to zoo real soon.

Here are some guides from Vivio if you are visiting the zoo or wildlife park:-
1) Wear shorts if you scare of heat.
2) Apply mosquitoes repellent or at least a thick layer of lotion if you scare of insect bites unless you wish to do charity by donating blood to insects.
3) Wear a hat/cap if you scare of tanned face.
4) Bring camera along if you willing to take the initiative to take their picture down and label them and show them to your child, grandchild or whosoever.
5) Bring your own bottle of water if possible.

Nevertheless, there'll be animal show for almost all zoo or wildlife park so check the time with the ticketing counter. The show presented in Lok Kawi Wildlife Park was from Marshall - the Orang Utan and few of its friends who made up from parrots and baby python. You can realize from the show that animals are actually quite smart, sometimes even smarter than some human being.

We should really preserve nature for future generations. Sometimes its really sad to hear about animals dying due to deforestration or people hunting them for food. Homo Sapiens, aren't you smarter?? Why don't you protect the weak rather than going against the weak for profits?? Sad to say..human are just selfish.


After sitting for that miserable Islamic banking & Takaful (islamic insurance) paper which has nothing to do with Takaful at all, here I depart to Kota Kinabalu. YES!~ Im on Holiday!! Well, I should actually be sitting for Intellectual Property paper at 2pm on 19th but brilliant Chloe and I had 'Tarik Diri' from the subject hence we escaped from the useless PBL and the exam. haha~ SO this is how we look like in the airport..trying to 'sai meng'. *giggles*

We took 5.10pm flight but damn those kiasu homo sapiens made us start lining up at the platform at 4.20pm and yet the flight was delayed due to heavy rain. Why cant everyone just take it easy and only start lining up 15minutes prior to the boarding time?? *sigh*

Im making this trip to KK with my dear lesbo partner - Kelly while Chloe will be going over to her cousin, Cheryl's place. Three of us slept so soundly once we board the plane especially Chloe. haha..

We reach KK around 8pm and here starts leaving my footprints at Kota Kinabalu. Its just a Kota Kinabalu trip due to the fact that Sabah is so big and Im yet to travel to Sandakan, Tawau, Sipadan n etc of places. Hereby, wanna give a special thanks to Kelly, Uncle Lee and Aunt Lee for the comfy accommodation, sumptuous food and everything. Sorry to have trouble you people.

November 18, 2008

Islamic Banking - A 'Brilliant' Course

Its gonna be my Islamic Banking Exam tomorrow 8.30am *sigh* Ooh No..I'm actually still having exam but in fact I thought it has long ended since I'm basically doing anything but studying. haha..

As usual, Vivio haven't start studying or even have at least a peek on those materials. I guess this is my very first semester that I had been consistently acting so brave since I started life in UKM. Kinda remind me of what happened during my school days that I never give a damn to study or even to all those exams. I used to confuse the timetable that I study for history while I'm sitting for science paper, completing a Form 5 Biology paper while I'm only Form 4 in a replacement test and even worse, going for my STPM MicroEconomy paper almost 20minutes late and receive the honour of given a glare by the examiner.

I seriously feel that I'm turning into a new leaf now, at least, I completed my assignments (I never do homework since primary 1) , attended some lectures (even though still skip quite a number of them) and I did prepare a little for the final semester exam (except this semester)

Back to the topic of tomorrow's exam and speaking about materials, I somehow salute my dear Islamic Banking lecturer to the max. Proudly present our beloved Dr. Inayah. This so called Associate Professor used to start her class at 8.10am and ended it at 8.30am which I only reach the class at 8.25am and she dismiss the class 5minutes after I placed my butt on the chair. Gosh!~ The chair is not even warm yet.

She used to teach us Muamalat back in last semester. The weird part is she has been teaching Islamic Banking to us while we suppose to sit for the Muamalat paper and for this current semester when we suppose to sit for Islamic Banking, she teaches us nothing. Yes, I do mean nothing!!! So what exactly are we being examined for tomorrow?? Only God knows..

Well, she does kind enough to post up some slides in SPIN ( a learning and communicating system in UKM) after several complaints were made against her. Brilliant her uploaded a series of Banking Law slides rather than the Islamic Banking Law slides. Hence, should we study for Islamic Banking now or Banking or using the reverse psychology, Muamalat instead for the exam later??

With eyes wide open n I yelled to the world : "See, that's what causes me not studying" - A very lame excuse indeed. Another demotivating reason is that she is rather generous with marks giving. She entitled us 15marks for attending some useless forum and open up our vision with how bad is the quality of lecturers nowadays.

Besides, I remembered that she gave us an assignment when I'm taking Banking Law and the question was set back in 1986 which is the year I was born, and the year she was pursuing her law degree somewhere far away from Malaysia. -.-' It was her assignment back then and she make it ours. The law is totally inapplicable and we seriously had a hard time in completing that task. (wonder if she does read)

For this semester, she is even greater to throw us a task that we happen to goggle out the exact question and answer. Shocked?? Its the exact one and she didn't even take the initiative to change the name of those parties involved in the case. Furthermore, the issues arise from the case is contract and company that has nothing to do with Islamic Banking. WTF!!

Perhaps by teaching us nothing, she is actually provide us with something. And of course, that something is equivalent to the everything for her. Back to square one, guess we should just study everything that has to do with Islamic Banking now. The development, advancement, product, obstacles and anything under the sky that has to do with Islamic Banking. huhu..The scope is so wide!!!

Cant change the fact that exam is still on for tomorrow no matter how much I'm cursing or condemning now. *sigh* Thus, I shall just start surfing some material from the website and do some reading now. Life still goes on despite some weird people we met and incidents that screwed us up.

If the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch - Matthew 15: 14

November 17, 2008

Poetic Justice

Had a killer paper - Public International Law (PIL) 8.30am this morning. It was a killer paper yet lazy Vivio only started to open up the material on PIL around 2am+. This doesn't prove to people how smart she is but in fact merely showing everyone her blind folded bravery. Spending a long night with Martin Dixon doesn't contribute significantly while answering the questions. Perhaps, neither spending a one whole wonderful semester with him does help much in exam. Frankly, I was rather overwhelmed with the bizarre type of questions by our dear PIL lecturer. Feel real great that I did not sacrifice my fun time on it nor wasted much time studying it since no matter how much you've studied, it just doesn't help.

I was playing with PhotoFunia for the entire afternoon. It is a quick and easy way of putting effects on your photo. Here are some of the examples of the picture I had edited. (=

Perhaps you would like to checkout the website and edit some picture on your own. Kindly surf and you'll have a variety choices of photo background.

Chloe and I went for swimming at Danau Golf Club during late evening. It was closed but two of the mischiveous adults here just trespassed the place and jump into the pool without any doubt. It was rather fun to break the laws at times. Soon after we jumped into the pool, a few guys followed us and did the same thing but it is obvious that they did that after rounds of considering and discussion. Both of u swim there for around 30minutes till we were being chased out by some person in charge there. *giggles*

At times, it was really fun to do something like this. However, poor Vivio is suffering from the consequences now. Even though we are free from the charge of trespassing, I somehow suffer from eyes infection due to the dirty pool water. *sobz* My left eye is in red now and sort of swelling up. What a silly girl I am to swim at such dirty pool and stink a little like a drain. huhu.. The poetic justice took place at last.. Never try to break the laws =(

The most decisive actions of our life ... are most often unconsidered actions - Andre Gide (BUT this doesn't apply to my case)

November 16, 2008

Food @ Victoria Station + The Ship

Cyrus finally paid me a visit after ten thousand promises. Taking it as a belated birthday celebration or whatever it is, I'm happy that he just finally here.

We went to Victoria Station, PJ for dinner, a great meal indeed but we had that at 10pm, a dining time which contributes significantly to obesity. Yet, we still placed our order which listed with 1 spicy oxtail soup, 1/2 dozen of oysters, fresh lobsters that weights 800grammes and 1 Sirloin Steak which served with lightly salted butter on breads and salads.

I find the oxtail soup taste quite okay but this is the first oxtail soup I had and I'm not really into that perhaps I should not be making any comment here. However, the oysters are seriously not fresh. The way it served look nice but its really not fresh. If you wish to try the fresh one, I would suggest you to visit Jagoya which located at Starhill.

The Sirloin Steak was nice. Sirloin steak is a steak cut from the hip. Hence, it tends to be less tough and resulting in a higher price tag. We want in to be in medium which has to be grilled in 57.2 degree celcius only which results in the middle of the steak is hot and red with pink surrounding the center but the outside is gray-brown.

The dish I love most is the fresh lobster. The manager allowed us to choose the lobster on our own and priced it with the weighting. The one that we had is moderate and it is around 800grammes. I forgotten how much it costs for a gramme but it is around RM150++ for 800grammes. It was served with half cheese and half BBQ sauce. A cheese lover like me will definitely prefer the cheese part more. *wink*

The dinner ended around 12am and we just get back and sleep. Guess what?? The next day, we still went to The Ship at Jalan Bukit Bintang for lunch after such a heavy meal. We ordered 1/2 dozen of Escargots Bourguinonne, 4 slices of Garlic Bread, 1 Grilled Air Flown Fresh Salmon Steak and 1 Phoenix Neptune Combo this time.

I strongly recomend Escargots Bourguinonne if you happen to dine in The Ship next time especially if you are a cheese lover like me. We even use the garlic breads to dip on the left over cheese on the Escargots and it tastes real awesome. *yummy*

Since I don't usually have fish in KL, I ordered the Salmon Steak. Its Air flown Norweigian fish garnished with parsley butter, served with french fries and mini salad. It taste fine when served it with lemon and tartar sauce. For the Phoenix Neptune Combo, it is a combination of king prawns and chicken fillet topped with gravy and served on a sizzling hot plate with corn on cob, french fries and a bowl of salad. The chicken fillet taste okay but the failure on this dish is on the king prawns. You can know that the prawn wasn't fresh at all when you had a bite on it. The texture is bad and the prawns do not even have the taste of prawns. Just bad~

We went for a walk around Bukit Bintang area after lunch. It was crowded and heaty there thus we left after a while time. I'm seriously very happy for his visit. Not just for the food, his companion and nevertheless my birhday present~> Christian Dior - J'adore Eau de Parfume ^-^ Yes!~ I finally owned it. I love that scent so much and was checking on it since I saw the advertisement by Charlize Theron but it was rather pricey for me to afford.

A great applause to dear Cyrus for paying such visit and I wish to thank him for everything. I had a great time for that 24hours and I seriously enjoy it. *muacks* haha..*wink*

November 15, 2008

Just another day..

All hail the beloved philosophers in law of jurisprudence!! After having a night companion from all those dead scholars..Vivio uttered this prayer before she depart to the exam hall:-

" Dear philosophers who had Rest In Peace, please save me from resting in peace at UKM Panggung Seni seat 97 @ 8.30am. Arigato~"

How pathetic of poor Vivio to make such kind of prayer. But what else an armless fighter could do except to pray for the best?? She is basically armed with nothing, no knowledge, no memorization but a mere pen with ink and luck. Even though Vivio had spent whole night dating Hart, Devlin n etc but how can she be expected to remember these principles and theories that laid down by well-known philosophers who spent almost their whole life on books? *sigh*

On the way to exam, Vivio experienced a rather lucky yet horrified incidents. It was a hit and run accident that happened right in front of her eyes. She witnessed the whole process of the hit and run bike while taking over the car, crashed another bike and caused the bike and motorist fly up and nearly land on our car. She was totally speechless due to the shock but luckily Irene still able to react immediately and stamp on the brake. If she were the driver, I guess she had either run over the poor motorist or to have him on her windscreen. *phew*

Exam was not that bad but having times and times of incidents that she nearly killed someone, she decided to go for prayer. A real one indeed rather than the one ending with Arigato *bluek* I had never seen such superstitious young girl, perhaps she should really consider to move in a temple than to visit the temple at least once a week now.

Went for Madagascar 2 with Irene after took a short nap. It was an okay one but not as good as the Madagasar 1. It seems like the producer is trying too hard to copy from Madagascar 1 till the whole story line and songs does not match that well. A part that could be given merit is where those cartoon characters are still making the same old lame jokes.

Somehow, the only thoughts that came through her mind right after the movie is not on how was the movie but is on how good it'll be if there's a club or party that will have the theme of Madagascar. Yes!! Having background designed as the cartoon with stream, trees, rocks and wide field, music which keeps asking you to move it move it and people who dress up like the tribe in Africa. That sounds so cool and Im surely interested to check that out~ haha..

Another day had passed..Suppose to start studying Public International Law instead of keep on procrastinating like the previous papers. Good luck does not always happen on u, Vivio, so gotta get going rather than to wait for the arrival of fortune.

All of us have bad luck and good luck. The man who persists through the bad luck - who keeps right on going - is the man who is there when the good luck comes - and is ready to receive it -Robert Collier