March 31, 2009

Why so serious??

Was just wondering...

Do I actually need a ground for naming people as "bitch", "jerk" or maybe "scum"???

If I happen to personally not favouring someone due to the things he/she did and I tell my friends about it, am I consider as defaming that particular person??

What if I prefer not telling things out verbally but place the incident in writings on my blog to express my thought on that particular person in the mentioned incident??

When I write, I reserved in mentioning that particular person's name but on the other hand stated some details of that person to describe him/her...And..That makes me wonder : Aren't the readers are the one who is actually accusing people since I'm just writing what is in my mind and smart readers can have their judgment after reading, right?? To what extent you believe in what I write, to what extent that you know I'm bullshitting..
Aren't you still not adult enough to judge??

Don't take things that seriously when it comes to blog entries..Its after all a personal and casual writing anyway..If you prefer to be serious, perhaps you should consider searching for journals and articles and place yourself into the whole bundle of them till you choked yourself than to do blog hopping and read what happens in people's life.

"In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: It goes on." --Robert Frost

March 17, 2009

Yankies Hut ~ U sucks!!~

It was Andrew's birthday and hence we decided to dine together There's thsi place named Yankies Hut located in Kajang which had quite a good reviews from my friends hence we are so excited to try out on this new dining spot that we found.

It was a great disappoinment I should say. I feel that I seriously can cook much better and bakar better fish that they did. At least, I still know where to get fresher fish to serve people. I never been to a dining place which can be worse than what I just went.

First of all, as I mentioned earlier, the fish sucks!! We ordered 1 Ikan Kerapu and 1 Ikan Pari. The Ikan Keparu still consider as edible since it was being deep fried but the Ikan Pari which was being bakar taste horribly. The fish itself already stinks like rotten fish and the texture (I lost words in describing). What I say is just worse than terrible.

Besides the fishes, we ordered kangkung belacan but seems like the kitchen had most probably ran out of belacan or chillies. Its tasteless. Fried Sotong tasteless but luckily they provided us with some ketchup and causes the fried sotong still at least taste like Ketchup. The drinks, I guess they have no stock on nescafe either cause I ordered a big jug of nescafe and I ended up have to put in the Baskin Robbin's Espresso and Creme ice cream to flavour my nescafe. The only food which tastes normal would be the white rice. So if you just wish to have white rice as meal, do op for Yankies Hut.

Left the part of food served aside, the environment was designed to be like a village style BUT Im not sure if Its due to I were born and brought up in a city, I never really tried having a whole family of cats (which made up of 5/6 of them) sitting and starring at me hungrily while im eating the fish as if they'll be jumping up and grab whatever Im having. This really freaks me badly.

On the service part, its again sucks. The waiters are all day-dreaming and working like wandering ghost. The entire restaurant was empty when we were there yet it takes them forever to serve and approach us. The waiter can even holds his phone while taking order and the phone was keep on ringing. -.-!!

People, try guess how much I've spent for such terrible meal?? It costs us RM78.40 for this terrible meal. RM 20 for the rotten Ikan Pari, RM30 for the not fresh but luckily deep fried Ikan Kerapu. We seriously feel like being robbed in a pirate ship, not by Johnny Depp (at least he's good looking) but by the scary Davy Jones. HUH!!~

And before Im ending the entry, 2 of my friends is having diarrhea NOW!!~ So people, if you feel like cleansing your stomach after a long period of constipation, throw all your medicine away and kindly visit Yankies Hut @ Kajang NOW.

March 7, 2009

Just 4 laugh XP

Vivio received a number of complaints that the entries written here are too full with words and bizarre phrases hence I shall keep things simple where there are times that I'll just use picture to illustrate things. Agree??

Today's entry is simple, U just have to refer back to my previous entry on VioLIn KK ~ Wildlife Park and here I would laid down the contradiction - 8 reasons on why you shouldnt go to zoo (Especially you are bringing kids with you!!)

I seriously wonder what should I answer if my 3yrs old kid suddenly popped out with :" Mom, what are these animals doing??" *speechless*