May 20, 2009

Marriage )= Or (=

Today is the third day Vivio has her internship in law firm. Has been dealing with numerous litigation case especially regarding matrimonial matters. Human, they are just weird - deeply falling in love, excitingly getting married, merrily gifted with kids, happily living for few years, miserably gone through quarrels then pathetically petition for divorce and custody of the kids and lastly, greedily asking for maintenance.

I was being assigned a divorce case where our client, a 60years old man wanted to file petition for divorce with his 49years old wife. I seriously do not understand the reason of divorcing at that age. Usually, husband and wife at this age, no matter how bad they quarreled, how much they hate each other,they'll somehow still live together for the rest of their life. The first thought that came across my mind on this case is :-Does this oldman plans to remarry?? Or he just do not want the wife to get any of his property when he is dead?? Haha^^

Another task of mine is on fighting the rights of custody. My master told me most man out of the reason of ego would want at least the care and control of the kids due to the main reason of fearing the change of surname on their children when the wife remarry. How pathetic is this. I do curious is it that important to keep your surname on your children when you do not even bother much about his/her upbringing anymore. *sigh*

I thought marriage is a decision that you had vowed for life but it seems to me that I'm living in Utopia if to say that nowadays. What I don't understand is if you do not plan to be with that person for life, why you get married at the first instance?? Perhaps some people just love to provide business opportunity for the lawyers.

Maybe, people just get married because:-
Or :-

Or :-

P/S : This picture is the biggest as it signifies the most frequent reason tat contributes to marriage!!~ Haha^^

Parents used to have lots of children; now children have lots of parents - Guro Hansen Helskog