July 12, 2009

Bungy Jumping @ Phuket

Bungy Jump - the game which meant for the brave one. Vivio who had always been loving excitement had said YES to it together with Chloe Bb & Chris (= We heard that there's 2 bungy jump in Phuket which one is cheaper than d other. Somehow, we do not wish that the newspapers published a headline titled "Saving of few penny causes death of law students in Malaysia" which sounds pathetic. Hence we paid 2000Baht (RM200) for the Bungy Jump managed by the New Zealand company. The fees included insurance, a cool T-shirt/Singlet and a certificate of courage which I wonder if it contributes to our working resume in future.

The video which consists of the full process of jumping has been uploaded in facebook and I shall upload here with the pictures took while jumping. The feeling is awesome when you dive down from the sky (though technically Im not really diving but jumping) An advice for the first timers - Do not look down and see how high you are standing Coz that doesn't help but to freak you out more. There goes your courage when you stare and admire the scenery under your leg at the platform there.