June 4, 2009


The previous weeks, I was showered with bundles of works and given dateline for most of the tasks. This happened till last friday when I had done all that I should have done plus few that I shouldn't be doing, Im feeling so bored in the office!!~ Whenever my boss entered the office I'll ask, "Sir, you have anything for me to do?" The answer seems to be negative always.

Boredom keeps striking thus I just unintentionally repeating the same question over and over again. My boss ended up give me a reply of "Hmm..you make me feel that my business is so bad till I can't provide you with any job." -.-!! Since then, I never see him in office more than 30minutes. Haha^^ Annoying Vivio.

I realized that my boss had actually employed another boss - Vivio, into his office. My major activities now seems to be sitting in office starring at four walls, sleeping, disturbing other clerks and lately watching movie. Once a while when my boss came in the office, he'll just throw me a task that I manage to finish within 30minute and im allowed to continue with my major activities.

In the meantime, my boss was away due to official matters in Land Office, Court, JPN, LHDN and etc. He is the boss but he is the one who running around for his business; Im his staff (cause he is paying me) but I just relax in the office. That makes me think, who's actually the B-O-S-S??

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BelLs~! said...

i think all legal firms r like tis la. most of the time jz the clerks are in...the lawyers go around networking n looking for business. no wonder u keep updating ur blog lately lolz...